Toby, The Nation’s First Gerbil-Powered Generator

Gerbil GeneratorArlington, VA (April 1, 2013) — The nation’s first scalable gerbil-powered generator was unveiled today outside the nation’s capital at Sklar’s two self-powered buildings.

The unit was designed under The Stella Group, Ltd.’s ( internship program by intern Noor Sullivan. Said Sullivan, “with one gerbil, alive or mechanical, we can provide light and power.”

Scott Sklar, President of the 13-year old clean energy technology optimization company and an Adjunct professor at The George Washington University, stated, “this is neither the first gerbil-powered generator in idea nor practice (see sources below), but it is the world’s most practically-scalable design.”

Sklar elaborated that we would need many gerbils to power a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb, “but hey, if they’re running around anyway, why not generate power ?” Sklar also noted their droppings could be anaerobically digested into low-btu biogas for heat and electric power. Sklar gives tours of his super-efficient buildings and will now include the gerbil-generator as an official technology among over 40 other clean energy applications he now employs on the site.

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Other Information Sources:

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